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Second Chance (Kaoru x Reader) - Part 2
For the rest of the morning, the twins kept bothering you in not so subtle ways, such as bumping into your arm when you wrote in your notebooks and volunteering you when the teacher needed someone to read a section of the manual or answer a question. Not once did they even glance at you or say a word to you. It was very likely they could already imagine how annoyed you were with them. It was a bit odd though as it seemed like Kaoru was taking the charge on this one. Usually it would be Hikaru leading the way. ‘Just some extra salt to the wound,’ you groaned mentally. Why couldn’t your feelings for Kaoru just go away?
You did get a break during lunch when you went to the cafeteria with your old classmates. Luckily, the twins weren’t having lunch there today. They were serving your favorite dish today. After ordering and picking up your tray, you sat down with your friends.
“Are you still fighting with Hikaru and Kaoru?” one asked.
“Looks like it
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Alter Egos - Chat Noir x Reader
As you stopped to catch your breath, you looked back to make sure you had not been followed. It was a quiet weeknight in Paris. You could barely see a thing in the alley you snuck into. The only source of light was the faint glow coming from the street light at the other end of the alley. You had to get back home and fast. It was already very late, and you had to get enough sleep to not pass out in class again. Your eyes scanned the silent alley for any sign of movement. Once you felt you were in the clear, you let out a long sigh of relief. Now you can finally turn out of being Renard Roux (Red Fox) and get back home. Suddenly, a dark figure lands in front of you causing you to let out a squeak. You jump back and got into a fighting stance, until you noticed familiar green eyes.
“Come on, Renard!” Chat Noir whined. “I promise I’ll turn back too. We’ll be even!”
“No, Chat Noir. How many times do I need to tell you? I want to keep my two lives s
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Second Chance (Kaoru x Reader) - Part 1
“I don’t want to be your toy anymore!” you stated firmly. The two identical boys, your childhood friends, looked back at you dumbfounded. The three of you were making your way off of the middle school grounds when you had stopped abruptly.
“What do you mean, (f/n)?” Kaoru asked.
“That’s a silly thing to say,” Hikaru added.
“You know exactly what I mean. Like, what was with you guys earlier today? You didn’t have to say such mean things to Chiaki. She’s my friend, and we were only talking about the class trip.”
“But (f/n), we’re your only friends,” the twins said.
“I want to make new ones now.” The twins looked at you as though you had just slapped them across the face. “You two will always be my bestest friends, but we’re almost done our first year of middle school. I love you guys, but shouldn’t we start making new friends too?”
“You don’t need new
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Hi there! Nice to meet you!

My name is Sammy and I live in the lovely country of Canada. I am hopelessly in love with anime. It is my biggest source of inspiration.
I am a hobbyist in both my drawing and writing. Regardless, I still try my best in both of those things.

See you around!


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